Wimpies Software Corner

SideViewer is a simple but nice looking Image Viewer for pictures. It displays a main Image and a sidebar with smaller thumbnails of all images in one single folder.

Main design principles:

Amazing Picture SideViewer

SideViewer. Minimal Chrome UI, maximal content, fluent scaling. Mouse point-and-zoom, move-and-drag.

Note that the program, especially in full screen mode without the taskbar, looks much nicer and cooler then the picture shows. Some properties to note:

Finding double / similar pictures

Experimental option to find double / somewhat similar pictures. Takes some time.

Known Bugs and shortcomings

See the Download Page for more detailed install information. Current status: Project closed. As it is, please feel free to try at your own risk.

The SideViewer is written in C# (WPF) for Windows 7 in Visual Studio 2012 Express. Note the incredible rotational speed when pressing the rotate right button (Ctrl+R). WPF is designed for this kind of presentation. P.S. I recently found that Windows XP users can only upgrade to Net4.0, Windows7 users can upgrade to Net 4.5, Windows 8 Desktop standard net 4.5. I have reversed to Net4.0 and use now a normal installer.